Workshop för Caroline Rider Level 1

Amazing first day in Caroline Riders Workshop "Intuitive (Wellness) Horsemanship Workshop for Women and Horses" Our learning environment is in the pen together with the horses. Restful, unpredictable and liberation are the words that best describe my experience.




The second day at the Intuitive (Wellness) Horsemanship Workshop for Women and Horses, got me in tears. The exercises brought me back to my 12-year-old who was angry and hurt over animal wreckage. Now I've let that sorrow disappear because it blocked my ability to train my horses correctly. I am free. Thank you Zor, the big black horse who teaches me.


ME Zor o CR


The third and last day of the "Intuitive (Wellness) Horsemanship Workshop for Women and Horses" at Caroline Rider, was about to become more clear in my leadership. To become really strong when the situation demands. My old I get strong out of fear and anger. My new self becomes strong out of love.


Madeleine o Zor FLA (kopia)

Datum: 2017-11-03 14:57